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"Shana scheduled my very first cruise in Spring 2022 based on just an inkling I had of what I wanted. She presented comparisons of several different lines, weighing the values and differences for the obvious things, such as costs, itineraries, cabin locations, and food choices. But she also dug much deeper into things I would not have considered, like Who has the best drink packages for the money? What is the experience on an adults-only ship vs. a family friendly ship? What exactly is there to do on the ship between ports? She sifted through all of the data and helped me find the perfect choice with MSC, that stopped at Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, and a private island in Bahamas (which was pretty close to Heaven on earth). It was a fantastic experience that turned me from cruise skeptic to dreaming about my next boat trip before the ship returned.  If you are ready for the vacation of your dreams but can't get past the work of planning, you must get Shana on the job!" -S.R.

"My tour with Shana was the best trip I've ever taken, 7 years later I still talk about it! I've also been on cruises and other independent trips booked by Shana, and those are some of the most memorable experiences." -R.L.

"I booked a guided trip with Shana to New England. We took the old cog rail to the top of Mt. Washington, walked along the boardwalk in the Boston Harbor, saw the gingerbread cottages on Martha's Vineyard, and toured the mansions of Newport, RI. It was a great trip!!” -S.S.

"Shana went above and beyond to make sure our trip was amazing! She put together a whole day itinerary for us on Thursday that gave us a great overall view of the city. It took away so much stress that I usually have about traveling and planning. In addition to helping us plan and book attractions, Shana also sent us a whole list of recommendations as well as travel tips for our first time using public transit! I can't wait to book more trips with Shana's expert guidance." -R.M.

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