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Discover the World with Pug Leg

     Welcome to Pug Leg Leisure's bespoke land tours, designed exclusively for independent explorers like you! Tailored to your interests, our expertly crafted itineraries ensure an unforgettable journey. Imagine a weekend escape to a charming city, a scenic mountain train ride, a coastal retreat, or a USA road trip, all effortlessly organized by us. With over 37 states' and 12 countries worth of expertise, we guarantee a diverse array of activities and attractions.
     Leave the planning to us – from flights and accommodations to daily schedules and surprises. Embrace hassle-free adventure, uniquely yours. Start by sharing your desires and budget, and I'll curate a line-by-line itinerary with costs, time-sensitive experiences, must-sees, dining options, and more. Check out our blog posts on custom itineraries!


Key Highlights:

  • Tailored tours for independent adventurers.

  • Customized itineraries based on your interests.

  • Wide range of destinations and activities.

  • Comprehensive package can include flights/travel routes, accommodations, schedules, and surprises!

  • Transparent cost breakdown in line-by-line format.

  • Contact Us to get started today, consultations are always free!

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