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       Meet the faces of Pug Leg Leisure, Shana and Mayco! I am dedicated to providing the very best leisure travel experiences for my customers. I left the field of nursing in 2022 to finally build a full-time business out of something my friends and family have been urging me to do for almost a decade—turn my love of travel into something more by planning the best vacations possible for my clients. I have a unique approach to vacation planning, rooted in the skills and experience I gained as a nurse over the last 17+ years in that field. My attention to detail, exceptional listening skills, and ability to handle numerous tasks at once are the ideal combination for creating the perfect getaway. And we can’t forget about Mayco, the 14yo pug who became the inspiration behind the business name! I used to joke with an old friend that if Mayco ever lost one of his great big eyes, he would need an eye patch and a pirate name. Thus, Pug Leg was born. He passed away in 2021, but spent many years on the road with me!

     I have been planning independent travels and cruises for 8 years before officially becoming a travel advisor. Whether it's as simple as a quick getaway US city or a multi-week Caribbean cruise vacation, I've got you covered. I have planned trips to eastern Canada, New England, Iceland, Western Europe, the 

Shana and Mayco of Pug Leg Leisure.

Exumas, Alaska, and numerous destination cities in the US such as the Florida Keys, Las Vegas, Tampa, Miami, Nashville/Gatlinburg, and southern Texas/northern Mexico border towns. During my days of travel nursing, I lived and vacationed in over 37 U.S. states. I've also planned cruises to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, and am currently planning one to Bermuda! The amount of diverse travel experiences I have had brings a versatility that can be an asset to any traveler on any budget! Contact me today to plan your next unforgettable trip!

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